Saturday, September 20, 2008

Lazy Saturday

This morning our neighborhood had a garage sale the past it has been pretty good, but today it kids of stunk. My great/fun/cute find of the day was this new ceramic acorn knick-knack from Target. I have a TON of pumpkin stuff, I've always collected them for Fall, but now I think I am going to start adding some acorn pieces, here is my first. For 50 cents :)
Other than garage sale-ing we've done NOTHING today. It is kind of nice, but you know I can't sit still for long. Or should I say that my dining room table can't stay clean for long. So I got out the new Bernina and started a shirt for myself, and another tote bag, because I can never have enough. The tote bag is in the browns, and the shirt in the polka dot. I have made this shirt pattern twice for myself already, and once for H, so I decided to try it with some longer 3/4 sleeves for Fall. The pattern is SUPER easy and looks kind of retro with the right fabric. I've made it in a tropical print in blues, a brown almost native floral geo on cream and now in a longer sleeve in the polka dots. We'll see. I don't want people to notice that I have three of the same style we'll see how it turns out.

And finally, on my day off yesterday, I shaved the dog again. She was starting to look a little mangy, and was starting to mat in her armpits, AND she's doing that scratching thing again. I read somewhere that Shih-tzu's are scratchy because they are allergic to red dye in their food, but I don't know if I trust the internet enough to change food. I'm too cheap. Chloe basically gets whatever food is on sale or I have a triple coupon for-even cat food. She's one of those dogs, maybe because she is a rescue dog, that will eat anything except nails.

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Jennifer said...

Now I feel guilty. Pippa's a rescue, too, but she only gets Science Diet. And she gets a few spoonfuls of the soft canned food in the kibble. I wonder if she realizes how spoiled she is?