Thursday, September 11, 2008

Chloe is having a Playdate

Nothing to report here. Chloe is the only one with a social calendar in our family. Her husband Bucky (they were married last Summer in a small ceremony in the backyard by the neighborhood kids) is over because his humans are going from work to a baseball game. Bucky is Chloe's BFF.

Work was fine today. I am in charge of the labels at the kids' school and I am running a contest so I have a MILLION labels in the house to count and sort. Now I am label crazy and want them all counted and out of the house. I'm a little ADD or something, if you haven't noticed, and this labely thing has pushed the Art thingy to second place.

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Jennifer said...

Like, Campbell's Soup labels? Sounds awful. I feel like a slug. I didn't even get dressed today until almost 3. Too bad I was out of bon bons.