Sunday, June 26, 2011

Nine Lives

Can dogs have nine lives?  I love (most days) my 9 pound Chloe, but last night, again, she proved to be indestructible.

First, Chloe is a rescue dog.  She showed up on a friends doorstep on Christmas day 2004, after living in the woods for what was possibly months.  At nine pounds I can't imagine how many hawks, coons and other wild animals she encountered and conquered.

Since coming to live with us in January of 2005 Chloe has been run over by a bike, ingested an entire corn cob and passed it painfully after a few days, had kidney problems, jumped out of a stopped car in a school parking lot and made her way inside to find me, suffered many a blow to the head from children playing basketball and soccer, Chloe has taken off after me when I have driven away from home, she has chewed her way thru a wooden gate, peed her way thru every airport she has flown thru, and lost all her teeth, just to name a few incidents. 

And last night?  While visiting my brother in law and hanging out with his family in their backyard, Chloe found a mouse trap and set it off on her tongue.  Yes, her tongue.

No, we are not negligent.  

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Robyn :) said...

That sounds like one adventurous dog!!!