Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dear Axe Body Spray,

Dear Axe,

Yesterday when Hannah's new friend Bryce got in the car, please do NOT take offense that Sam asked what smelled.  Sam did not mean to accuse you, Axe, and imply that something was malodorous.  

Leave it to little brothers, Axe...come on, you have got to understand that there was no harm intended on your good teen product name.  Bryce smells good, and the sudden change in the car from old farts and buffalo breath, to nice clean boy smell, was just a sudden shock.

Bryce "claims" that it wasn't you, Axe, but just soap and pit stick, but we know the truth.  Teenage boys really stink.  Puberty does funny things to their smell.  Your product is a godsend, Axe, but PLEASE, PLEASE remind them that it is best in small doses. 

Thank you, Axe.  From all of us.

Hugs and stinky kisses,



Steve Finnell said...

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The Galloping Gobets said...

My mantra all the years I was a girl scout leader and a mom of 4 teenage girls and 1 teenage boy. . . More IS NOT Better. Whether it is glue, glitter, makeup, perfume (pit stick), exposed skin, or speed (as in car). And I love Bryce's comment, Oh little bro & sis sure do call it like it is. Thank you for the laugh.