Monday, June 27, 2011

I Lost Bubba

Today I drug the kids to this seriously ghetto place in Dayton called Mendleson's.  Mendleson's is right downtown by the ball field housed in a huge (millions of square feet) old building crammed packed with old equipment, "lots" of things from businesses, hundreds of chairs and tables from restaurants, lockers and glass showcases, and floors of electronic and industrial junk.  It is a fun, but weird place to visit and buy the obscure.

We drove to Mendleson's to look and see if they had any wire shelving to zip tie together construct a new squirrel habitat in the basement.  If anyplace would have the necessary weird materials to make a squirrel habitat, it would be Mendelson's.

This is our second trip to Mendelson's since moving to Ohio and I can't say that I feel super comfortable perusing the store, but I knew what to expect and NOT to take a shower before our shopping trip.  While the three of us were walking through the aisles, Bubba was doing his usual "Pokey Puppy" routine and was lagging behind.  While I'm not a big fan of this, I am hyper aware of Bubba straying with all the crazy clientele in the maze that is Mendelson's.  We were just walking back up to the exit, having given up hope of finding the squirrel necessities, when I turn to Hannah and ask, "Where is your brother?"

Hannah and I start looking around the area, occupied by less than a handful of people, when suddenly I start to panic.  Where is he?  Did I loose him in the store?  Did he sit down and start playing his ipod?  OH MY GOSH!  I start calling his name...Sam!  Sam!  Where are you buddy?  No answer.  I start frantically looking.  A large, hugely obese man shuffles to the left and lo and behold I see my son.  Standing there.  Looking at me like I'm a crazy person.  

Sam was behind the fat man the whole time and I didn't see him.  Hannah looks at me and physically bites her tongue.

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