Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dear Bank Teller,

Dear Bank Teller,

Thank you so much for putting up with my 10 year old.  You were very kind and patient with us when we showed up to change his allowance money into singles.  You, smartly, counted all twenty (2 months worth of allowance) ones back to him so he would not think you "jipped him on anything."  

Thank you, too, for patiently answering his questions about how many ones you keep on hand at the bank, in case he wanted more, and you very smartly commented on how thick 20 ones looked in his wallet.  You, my friend, are a pro.

Unfortunately normally I think your bank sucks.  Your bank has personally screwed me and my husband too many times to count and it makes my blood boil just to walk into your lobby.  But you, nice bank teller lady, redeemed your employer just a little today.  A TINY bit.

And, no, Bubba is not going to a strip club, which is I am sure what you were thinking when he asked for his bills to be broken into ones, he is not longer extended credit at the Bank of Mom, and has to pay for his itunes apps as I type in the itunes password.  Just in case you were wondering.

Hugs and single kisses,


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Kristen Riggan said...

I absolutely LOVE THIS! I used to be a bank teller for 3 years and I have heard many stories of how the few "sane" tellers were the only reason they kept their money at our practically criminal institution.

I just read through much of your blog and you are so funny! Thank you for giving me a laugh! It is truely appreciated!!