Monday, June 27, 2011

I Can't Wait for Puberty

Last night Bubba spent the night at a friends house.  He and his friend Josh are BFF's and while Josh has stayed with us a few times, this was the first time Bubba spent the night at his house.

After Sam arrived home I asked how the night went (great), what time they fell asleep (2:30), and what they did (watched Journey to the Center of the Earth). I got the standard answers, then after a few beats Sam said "After the movie Josh and I felt each other's arm pits and saw who had more arm pit hair."

Hannah, sitting at the kitchen table, looks up at me with wide eyes and smiles.  I catch her smile and without skipping a beat ask Sam "Who had more?"

Sam replied, "Neither one of us really had any."

Hannah mumbles under her breath, "That is SO gay.  Don't tell Dad he said that."

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The Galloping Gobets said...

ROFLMAO. . .Tears are streaming. Oh that was priceless. Atleast he tells you now. . . .when they stop telling you then you worry.