Friday, June 10, 2011

8th Grade Boys

I spent the morning volunteering at the 8th Grade Farewell party.  Mind you, my 8th grader is a girl, but 8th grade boys are weird!  5 minutes after arrival I was thrust into the position of first base ref for one of the kickball stations.  

Of coarse, because it is kickball and 14 year old kids, one of the boys gets hit in the junk at the end of the first inning.  While he is rolling around on the ground at my feet another boy (Daniel) walks up to me, assesses the situation and starts describing a recent event in his life where a friend of Hannah's grabbed him by his junk and gave it a twist.  He went on to vividly describe the resulting vomiting and pain.

Seriously.  I knew neither of the boys.  Is this what 8th grade boys discuss with strange 41 year old women?  The balls of these kids, I tell ya!

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Kristen Tschida said...

That cracked me right up. I did 1st grade field day with my daughter this year...I think all kids are weird. Check me out at