Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dearest Verizon,

Thank you so much for offering unlimited texting as an option in our calling program.  For only $5.00 a month my daughter can keep in contact with a boy.  Every minute of her waking hours.  She can have a cyber-relationship with a new boy, stay in contact with me and David (when it is convenient), talk with her girlfriends, sit next to someone on the couch and carry on a conversation with them while watching a movie (I actually find this refreshing since I DO NOT like movie talkers) and receive texts from strange boys who apparently like kittens.

Hannah has a new boy in her life.  This one is for realseys.  He actually CAME OVER TO OUR HOUSE twice already this week.  And it is Wednesday!  AND we met his parents!  But thanks to you, Verizon, Hannah and said boy can text each other upon waking, text each other throughout the day and even text each other back and forth "eney meeny miney mo" to see which house they are going to hang out at.  Without you, Verizon, I would be paying 5 cents a text x (conservatively) 1000 texts a day...basically I would be poor because of this child's texting.

Why do I allow my child the ability to text?  Who is the parent in this family?  I know Verizon. I am the parent. You are right, Verizon, if I wanted to do something about this I could.  But at the old age of 13.75, Hannah has a boy that is a friend, who is REALLY great in a not so Eddie Haskell way, and wants to spend time with her.  It is like I am experiencing High School all over again, I mean, it's that I am trying to help Hannah make good relationship choices.  You and your texting, Verizon, have made dating such a foreign thing.  Gone are the days of waiting by the phone for a boy to call.  You have made it so that girls can have "boyfriends" without actually having face to face time with them.  Some of the awkwardness is being alleviated. 

Thank you Verizon, for your support in all of this.  Believe me, I know you are reaping the rewards with the amount of money I pay you each month and the "opportunity" to upgrade my phones coming up this month.  




carol said...

I came across your blog today while wandering around the net trying to stay awake while my son watches batman for the 67876 time. I have to say I love your writing....especially the boob top comment...made me laugh...I plan on popping by all the time. Thank you so much!

Benta At SLIKstitches said...

Hi, (trying not to sound like the previous comment...) I came across your blog today while clickingthe "next blog" button, I had such a good time, I'll be back soon! Thanks!!