Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dear Betty Crocker,

Dear Betty,

Thank you so much for making such a delicious product.  Words cannot express the amount of love I have for your fudge brownies.  The happy red box.  The easy prep.  The mouth watering result.  I dream of your brownies.  I plan events just so I can make your brownies.  You are the cause of many hours and miles on the bike and on the street running off your yummy product.

If asked my favorite food, the answer is ALWAYS Betty Crocker brownies.  NOT Ghirardelli.  NOT Hersheys...Dunken Hines...Pillsbury.  None of those brands can match your taste, your perfect crunch and crackle.  No bakery can produce such a product as yours, and God forbid someone adds a nut to a brownie and tries to offer it to me.

As a gift, last year, I received an all edge brownie pan and it has changed my life.  The problem is that the all edge brownie pan I now own has three channels for brownie.  There are four of us in our family, and unless one of us is gone, there isn't a good way to break up three rows for four people.

Once the red fudge brownie box is in my pantry it calls to me.  It beckons me to make it.  To eat it.  I can't leave the box alone, it gets lonely.  I get lonely.

Hugs and fudgey kisses,



The Galloping Gobets said...

I'll tell you my secret. I make cookies out of the Betty Crocker brownie mix. . .that way I have the crunchy edge all the way around. Add oats/mini chocolate chips And nuts, OK, leave the nuts out. The Oats help firm them up just enough so you can scoop them onto a cookie sheet. I total feel your cravings. Now I'm going to have to go bake some for this evening. THANKS! I'm suppose to be working right now.

Careless said...

Galloping Goblet...interesting. Cookies out of brownie mix. You have my mind spinning right now. I'm gagging at the nuts, but would consider the oats. My only problem is...I would want them to be tasting JUST like a brownie, in cookie form. The oats and chips may impede that. If I could only think of said cookies not as the sweet nectar of the gods (a.k.a. Better Crocker Fudge Brownies) but as another fudgey delight. My son just finished Martha Stewart's chewy chocolate cookie recipe, always a favorite, so after last night's brownie assault, I have fudgey cookies for dinner, I mean dessert.