Friday, June 17, 2011

Dear Neighbors,

Dear Neighbors,

Thank you for your warm and generous hospitality to others.  It is so wonderful that you beautified your yard with an in ground pool and volleyball court recently, and that you have a constant stream of gangly teenage boys in droopy swim trunks trying to woo your gorgeous blonde twin high school girls.  

We have had such a long and rainy spring then surprisingly hot spring, it has been a welcome change to have had this week of 75 degree days and 55 degree nights.  Now that these "perfect" days and nights are here and I do NOT have to have my air conditioner running full blast all night, I am sleeping with my windows open.  Last night, while trying to get to sleep from 10:30-11:30 it was a little frustrating to have the beach bums holding a raucous game of volleyball outside my window.  No, I am not employed.  No, I am not a senior citizen.  I just like to go to bed by 10 most nights.  And, might I say, that if I am horizontal, I am fast asleep within seconds, which is a gift AND a curse, but I digress.

Thank you, mainly, for your privacy fence so us lookey-loos can't see you having all these parties.  EVERY night.  EVERY weekend.  With NO invitation to us common folk outside the walls of your newly constructed compound, mind you.  And thank you, too, for said privacy fence so I don't have to look at my child's teachers and former teachers in their bathing suits, since you work at the Elementary and are BFF's with every teacher my son has ever had for some strange coincidence.  Better seen than heard in this instance.  My retinas thank you.

Hugs and wet kisses,


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