Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dear Hasbro,

Dear Hasbro,

Thank you for making the Nerf products.  This week we purchased ANOTHER one of your Nerf guns for a birthday present, the gift of choice of young Samuel.  Bubba is a huge fan of Nerf and owns 4 or 5 of your rapid fire guns.

This evening, upon dropping my child off at her crushes' house, Hannah and her crush went and showed their age and innocence by running off to play Nerf war with their younger brother and sister.  Yes, the war was played in the dark, in the basement, and there were times that Hannah and her boy crush were alone in the dark...when she spills her guts to me tonight I'll ask if boy-crush FINALLY made his move and held her hand, or, gasp, kissed her.  

But Nerf, it made my heart swell with the fact that there was a little "kid" left in her after all.  Thank you for that.

Hugs and rapid fire (hopeful) kisses,


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