Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sweet Little Cupcake Baked By The Devil

There's this Kindergartener I know.  Not that she is in my current class or anything, but let's say I know this Kindergartener that is a giant pill.  This Kindergartener told me the other day that they were not able to drink milk because I first needed to make it chocolate...their parent wanted me to know that this particular child was ONLY supposed to drink chocolate milk.  Because of this seemingly bold faced lie, I wrote this child's parents a note (stating kind of sarcastically) that unfortunately I did not have the ingredients to make chocolate milk and it was a state regulation that each child be offered 4 ounces a milk at each lunch.

The next day I received an apology from the parent and a face to face telling me that her child was a bold faced liar and she did not in fact need this child to only drink chocolate milk.

Duh?  You think so?

Today's incident?  Said child had the gall to upset a sweet little fellow student in a certain Kindergarten class (that shall remain nameless), insisting that this little girl's dessert was in fact their's because they were not provided any.  Get this, there was no discussion of who actually brought the dessert, of coarse sweet little child did, but since the brat was not provided dessert by their parent, it was sweet little child's duty to provided it to them.

What?  Can you say entitled?  Can you say Bratty McBratspants?  

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NanaGo said...

This lunchroom bully will make horrible memories for many many kids in the next few years. And she will never know how many stories will be told about her as these kids grow up and reflect back on the "kid" that was so mean in school.
As much as you want to be the teacher that some kid remembers as their favorite, this girl will be the terror that wrecks havoc with some kid's self esteem. As one of those victims from a classroom bully, thank you for calling her out to the parents, you may have saved many victims.