Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Yesterday one of my Kindergartener's was a little overzealous in his camera duties.  You see in our class, the person who is in charge of leading the pledge of allegiance for the week is also the official photographer.

My little friend was given the camera after the salute and immediately started taking pictures.  Pictures of his classmates.  Pictures of me.  Pictures of the rug he was sitting on.  In the course of 15 minutes he had taken over 100 pictures of me reading a story to the class.  It was getting very annoying, and VERY distracting.

After I finished my second book I very calmly and sweetly requested that he take one more, and give the camera a little rest.  One of his fellow students asked why and I replied, "because I'm starting to feel a little Kate Middleton," without really filtering my mouth.  The class asked who Kate Middleton was and I responded that she was about to be a princess and lots and lots of people liked to take pictures of her.

One of my students said, "Oh, I know her.  Yeah, he sure is taking a lot of pictures of you.  I can see how it gets annoying."

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