Thursday, April 14, 2011

Baby Drama

Tuesday I resolved to get the naggy little thing that has been on my to do list marked off.  Hannah got home from school and I informed her that this was the day.  I had watched videos in preparation, You-Tube is a crazy resource, isn't it?  I had all the supplies at the ready.  We were going to clip the sugar glider's fingernails, if it killed us.  And it almost did.

Let me interject and say that our friend who turned us on to Sugar Gliders had one of his pair die because she got a scratch on her membrane, it got infected, and she was gone.  We have known all of this from the beginning and yet we've had Chili and Pepper for going on 8+ months and NEVER clipped their nails.  This coupled with the fact that it is almost short sleeve/tank top season and my arms need to heal up (from all the scratches) before I can start showing off my guns again.

So Hannah and I went in search of the babies.  The video CLAIMED that if you did the deed during the day (when they are normally asleep) it was easier, because they were groggy.  THEY WERE WRONG.  And, can I add, that Hannah is officially relieved of this task since she is such a wimp. Every time I clipped a nail she gasp that I was getting too close to the quick.

The You-Tube video also claimed that if you wrapped the baby in a towel or fleece, held it against your body, then a second person rooted around found a foot and held the hand/foot between two fingers spreading it open, it would be a breeze.  LIARS!

After 10 or so treats and weeping and gnashing of teeth we figured we averaged about 16 out of 18 nails clipped.  Did you know gliders have opposable thumbs on their feet?  With no nails?  Well, you learn something new everyday.


NanaGo said...

I am impressed! do they not use a scratch pole/board like a cat? I am intrigued by these little critters but I don't think we are allowed to have them here in Oregon.

Careless said...

We have a scratchy thing AND a board with sandpaper AND a wheel with sandpaper on the surface to file down nails, because I was such a wimp and didn't want to do the task, but nothing had worked so far. All the books say to start with clipped nails and go from there.

Can't have them in Oregon? Pshaw.