Saturday, April 9, 2011

He Wants to Start A Rock Band

Over Spring Break Bubba decided that he wanted to start a rock band with his friend Josh.  The two boys spent the night together planning and researching what type of equipment they will need for their band.  Bubba decided that he will need $400.

Then Bubba remembered something that his teacher told him last year.  Mrs. C had shared with the class that in order to pay for her first car, she planted vegetables and took them around to neighbors and sold them from her wagon.  

Inspired, Bubba and his buddies ripped up the bushes along the back of our house (with my permission), tilled the soil and planted some spinach and lettuce.

I didn't object or argue with Bubba's scheme because I got free yard work!  I also didn't explain that Mrs. C is in her late 50's and times have changed.

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