Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Christmas in April

Remember back in December when I was talking about our family traditions and what I had decided to buy my Brother-in-Law, and his son's for Christmas?  The theme this year was food.  I don't think I ever told you what we ended up buying the three of them!

Though there were many awesome choices, we took the easiest choice (although very imaginative) and bought the three of them a beer dinner.  If you aren't sure what that is, find one and go try it.  Every month, (I know, it seems a little frequent) David and I go to a locally owned restaurant (with a group of his co-workers that have since become our friends) a we pay a flat fee to have a 6 or 7 course meal paired with complimentary beers usually from one brewer.  The menu is decided by the restaurant owner, as well as the beer selections.  The restaurant closes down for the evening, and this is a by reservation only thing.

David and I have had such wonderful food and so many different kinds of beers (I may sip one or two, but I drink Diet Coke) that for the past year we have gone about 9 out of 12 months.

My brother-in-law has been really interested in hearing about all these dinners, and usually comments on how he wishes he could find a local (to him) place that does the same type of thing.  So I hopped on the little thing called the internet and found him one.  And bought him and my over 21 nephews a spot in this month's dinner.

Why this month?  Why wait until April?  Because the featured brewer was Deschutes and David is a HUGE fan of Abyss and other Deschutes beers.  Here in Ohio Deschutes is rare, so we have to order it or con a family member to bring it.

A few days ago I received a confirmation from the nice lady at the restaurant and she forwarded me the menu.  H...o...l...y...crap.  I need to fly out for this dinner now.  THIS is why I go to these meals...

 Twilight Ale to welcome you and get you started!

Twilight Ale with fresh "first-of-the-season" Wild Alaska Halibut Ceviche and organic blue corn tortilla chips.

Green Lakes Organic Ale with blackened Wild Alaska Copper River Coho Salmon on Organic Mixed Greens with bleu cheese dressing and Willamette Valley blueberries.

Red Chair NW Pale Ale & Mirror Pond Pale Ale (taste comparison) with Chicken & Prawn Prosciutto with a lemon caper butter sauce and Yukon Gold mashers.

Hop Henge IPA with a Beef Tenderloin shiitake "shroomin' at the Hedge" and fresh Washington asparagus.

Black Butte Porter Float with Tillamook Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

This is not a choose an entree' type thing, you eat EVERY course!  Gladly!  I can honestly say that beer floats are NASTY.  I know it may be because I don't like most beers, but can I also add that I have had beer infused whipped cream on a chocolate beer infused cake and I thought it was the most heavenly thing ever?  We have eaten some pretty strange things over the last year, but I have enjoyed trying it all. How many ways can you prepare a dessert with beer in it?

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NanaGo said...

First, I love delayed christmas presents. they make the year exciting. And the Beer Dinners Super cool idea.
Now. . .as for Deschutes. This just means you are going to have to move out here. OR, when I come to Cincy in May I need to bring you a few 6packs.
Everytime I visit Minneapolis for work I have to buy some certain alchohol that is sold there but not here in Oregon. BTW I am not a beer drinker either, but I do drink it when I am in Germany, it just tastes different there.
AS for the Menu, YUM!