Friday, April 1, 2011

It May Seem Like A Prank...

Photo Courtesy of Rainy Day Gal

But it is NOT.  No sir, this is not a prank.  I know it is April Fool's Day, but I swear.  No pranks.  I was just surfing the net and found this via CRAFT and I am SO trying this!  Bacon Cinnamon rolls?  Sheer GENIUS!  

Got to the Rainy Day Gal website and see her simple recipe, then look around at all her cool recipes.  This site is a keeper, sure I may be biased because of my Seattle upbringing, but this Seattle chick is awesome.  Her basic instructions are hilarious.  Except she precooks her bacon.

So why am I drawn to this gastronomic disaster?  Is it because I am dieting?  Do you think I am super weird?  No, it is because my Dad used to make my favorite'st Dad breakfast ever.  Are you ready for it?  Wait for it...Waffles with raw bacon placed in the batter before cooking.  Seriously. The best breakfast EVER.  When I was home last Christmas I asked my Dad to help me make them and, gasp, they had thrown away their ancient waffle iron!  I was crushed!!!  You threw away the waffle iron you have had for 50 years? Can you tell I am a little sentimental? You have NO waffle iron? Dad can't make bacon waffles anymore?  Now that is a crime.  I considered going to Target and buying a waffle iron, but the seasoning, and  all that deterred me.

Don't think about the fact that my Dad served us food that wasn't cooked all the way, or all the nitrates, or all the fat, or what parasite could have been living on that semi cooked bacon, I loved that breakfast and will most likely dream about it tonight.

What was your favorite breakfast that your Dad made you?

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