Sunday, April 17, 2011


Sometimes, okay all the time, when I am watching a movie I'll hop on my computer and shop or do something, because I really can't sit and do one thing at a time.  Shhh.  I'm a multitasker.  Sure, I could be doing something useful like crocheting, or looking at a magazine, or cooking (too noisy), or braiding my underarm hair, but mainly I just look around on the computer.

Last night I watched a movie that had a really cute wrap dress, I know!  how 70's, so I started a google search to see what was out there.  This beautiful green updated dress came onto my radar.  It seems that a Vivienne Westwood (never heard of her) designed this, and it is no where to be found for sale, as well I'm guessing it is WAY out of my price range.  So, the question I pose is how difficult would it be to make?  I'd say pretty darn difficult with that collar and getting the scrunchy-ness of it to scrunch just so.  I guess I could be a big girl about it and make it out of the yards and yards (and yards) of curtain lining I have in my basement grotto.  Finally go about making a mock dress before using the most expensive, most beautiful, one of a kind fabric I own.  

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NanaGo said...

Oh my dear. This is the baine of my existance. I am a costume designer, Historical no less. And true patterns are hard to come by. So drafting a garment from only an oil painting hanging in some cavernous art museum is par for the course for me.
Keep in mind that a foto is much better to go by then some artist rendering who didn't care about showing seams or the correct fold of fabric.
From your foto I will de-duece there is a bias cut portion in the neckline. The KIND of fabric you use will make a huge difference so your curtain lining may give you the pattern shape but not the "drape" you will want for the neckline. as I said before you can always email me directly if you get stuck. Good luck!or as we say in the sewing world. . .Break a Needle (joking)