Saturday, April 2, 2011

Speaking of Dad's Cooking

Yesterday I hinted at my Dad's cooking skilz with his fabulous bacon will never guess what my Dad's other famous food was?  Fried Egg Sandwiches.  It was a tradition with Dad.  Typically my Mom would cook a roast or something Sunday-ish (early years) or we'd go out after church(Captain Nemo's-later years) every Sunday from the time I was in Elementary school until my college years.  But Sunday night?  Sunday night if we were hungry my Dad would make his special fried egg sandwiches.  Or popcorn.

A couple of years ago my sister and I asked him to make us his special sandwiches, and he almost burned the kitchen down, but we did learn the secret to his sandwiches.  Miracle Whip.

Our Mom is a strict mayonnaise girl, but Dad HAS TO have his Miracle Whip.  And after all those years it was a duh moment.  His secret ingredient was the Miracle Whip.  That is the taste I'd been searching for.

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