Sunday, April 3, 2011

The End

Spring Break is officially over.  Back to school tomorrow.  How depressing is that?  Here are some of the things I accomplished over the break:

1. Pruned a tree in our yard.  Bagged all the pruning.  Looked like I had held hands with Edward Scissorhands for days.
2. Patched and painted the 4" x 4" square that has been sitting unfinished in our laundry room since we installed new cabinets over a year ago.
3. Hemmed and mended all the items form the Gap store purchased this week.
4. Hemmed and mended stack in basement grotto.
4. Watched an insane amount of movies.  If I had to guess I would say at least 20.
5. Took all my spring clothes out and put all the sweaters away.
6. Sewed two purses, I know.  I know.  No pictures posted!
7. Rearranged Hannah's room.
8. Hung cork on Hannah's wall for her necklaces.
9. Sewed accessories for Hannah's dresser.
10. Exercised.  
11. Read a book.
12. Went to an Omnimax movie.
13. Tried new recipes.
14. Hosted sleepovers.

I'm sure there is more, but that was a pretty productive week in all.  

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NanaGo said...

Proud of you, and you should be Proud TOO! And all that with Hubby tucked away at the office, right? I could get a whole lot done too if hubby were out of the way. But we both work from home so he is in my hair all the time. worse than a 5 year old.