Friday, April 8, 2011

Let's Talk Politics

I am not about talking politics on this blog, but things change, so hold on to your hat for this post.  If you are here to read something funny try this post or this one, otherwise, here goes…

The American Government is frustrating and frankly the last weeks and months of this “Government Shutdown” discussion makes me crazy (pardon the pun) Postal mad.

My husband, like many others in this country, is a very hard worker, but he internalizes too much and sometimes his work drives him to the point of zero sleep and the emergency room, like it did last month.

Since the “Government Shutdown” talks all began David has been very worried about the fact that his job fell under the “you are on furlough” and don’t get paid list.  He has been careful not to use sick or vacation time, and our family spending has decreased in anticipation of this possible shutdown.  David’s co-workers asked questions during their weekly meetings the last few months, and no real information was given except that David and his co-workers would not be allowed to enter the building during the impending shutdown.

Just as if we had just bought a new car, and suddenly noticed every car driving down the street that was the same as ours, every time the news had a headline of “Government Shutdown” ours ears perked up and we took notice.  This subject became part of our nightly discussion.  I began reading things on news sites regarding who is interfering with the agreements, and what their major issues were.  Opposition to Planned Parenthood, who supplies breast cancer screenings and birth control pills to uninsured women all because of the abortion issue?  Seriously?  Family members who lost a loved one during combat will not receive death gratuities because a couple of morons can’t come to an agreement over an organization that supports women’s health? mad.  I have made no attempt to hide my political affiliation, and am quite underwhelmed by the idiocy of the so-called representatives.  Like other Americans I am shocked to be reminded that whilst Military personnel may not be paid for their full service, and hourly employees at places like National Parks and other Government agencies, congress (who can’t get their crap together in agreement) will continue to be paid without interruption so they can pay their bills.

Yesterday David came home from work (after an 11 hour day) and informed me that his employer told them that if they worked during the shutdown, even from home, they would be fined.  Greatly.  There was to be NO WORK done.  No emails sent, even under personal accounts, or heads would roll.  David’s ideas of bringing work and supplies home suddenly changed.

This morning, David woke at 4:30 a.m. and ran into work so he could get the most out of his (possible) last day of work.  He worked like a dog all day.  Just after 5pm I called him to ask if he needed me to drop some dinner by or if we should just eat without him.  David picked up the phone and said he was just e-mailing me a letter the staff had just received from his boss.  Apparently after all these months of worry and preparation, at 5 p.m. on the day of the shutdown, David is informed that he is NOT affected, but his boss is. 

This is wonderful news for us, but it still does not change my current distaste for our government and it’s lame ability to make decisions that effect it’s constituents.


=S said...

Your husband is a lucky one. My partner is going on furlough on Monday and we are asking ourselves what we can do about it.

What is there to do about it... i dono.

NanaGo said...

It is difficult. I wrote a letter to the editor back in 1982 when this same thing happened and my husband at the time worked for the goverment and was threatened with job lose. It is a never ending battle they do to shake us up come campaign season.
on a different note, The "bosses" have to tell you NOT TO WORK or bring anything home because of legalities. If any one works even a little bit And someone else down the line feels compelled to work because of an email sent during this time then the employee could COULD sue the "goverment" and win big time. This happens in my husband's work today. Your husband may not sue, but someone that is effected by his doing work during a furlough could sue and it becomes a vicious cycle.
Sorry long winded today.