Saturday, April 30, 2011

Don't Judge Me

Don't think any less of me but...I got up early and watched the Royal Wedding.  Yeah, I admit it.  I like that kind of stuff.  I went and got ready for work during the boring parts (who needs to see Prince Charles and Camilla arrive) and watched the MOMENT the dress was revealed to the world.  Which, by the way, I should be a commentator because the first words out of my mouth were "that is so Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier."  David wants to know how I remember crap like that.  I don't's a gift.  Useless information retainer.

I also am admitting that I taped all 8 hours of it.  I got called into work early Friday morning, (curses!) and so I came home and fast forwarded thru the boring stuff so I could see them in the carriage and the kisses on the balcony.

Everyone at work was rolling their eyes at the topic of the royal wedding (mouth breathers) and making "sick of hearing about it" comments.  I just kept my mouth shut until they KEPT talking about it and I finally butted in and answered all their ignorant questions.  

Why wasn't Obama invited?  (Me: It was a ton of royals.  Heck, Sarkozy wasn't invited either...Them: who's Sarkozy?  Me: Argh!)  

So if Will and Kate have a kid will are they before Harry?  (Me: Yes.  If it's a boy.)

Will Kate be titled a "queen" if Wills becomes King? (Me: Yes  Them: Why isn't the Queen's husband a King then?  Me: Because he is a consort, he can't be King because that title would overshadow his wife's.  Phillip renounced his own titles in Denmark and Greece to be with Elizabeth.  Them: He's from Greece?  Wow, you know a lot about this stuff.)

Let me also just add that I thought Prince Philip looked awful yesterday.  I know the ole guy is 89 or something, but he is NOT looking well these days.  After all he is the oldest living consort.  Did you know that?

AND here is my take on things.  I thought the wedding was great.  Dress was nice, a classic. Trees in the Abbey, nice to soften a bit.  Kisses?  Pretty lame.  


Jennifer said...

Yeah, Prince Philip is looking his age. Loved Liz's hat -- the yellow was quite fetching on her. And I missed the Queen Mum and her lovely hats. Remember the one she wore to Di and Chuck's wedding. Lovely. Wish we could have watched it together.

NanaGo said...

After a tour in Bath to the Costume museum I learned a bit about "Liz's" clothes. They had a special exhibit of Elizabeth II Gowns and the majority are Yellow, why? because in a crowd Yellow stands out and the people and pick her out easier. Also. . .she is short and has quite a rack on her.

As for the wedding, you are wonderful in my book. I loved watching it too! And the dress. . . .I immediately thought of Grace Kelly, and here I thought it was because I am an Old Movie fan AND I tracked her life.
The Kiss-es. . .both were lame. Hope he heats it up behind closed doors for her sake!