Thursday, February 3, 2011

I Had To Ask

My daughter has been talking about "Mo."  Mo this...Mo that.  Every waking minute with Mo.  You know, Hannah, Mo and T.  The three musketeers.

Yesterday Hannah and I were in the car driving along and I had to ask.  I had to ask one more time, Who do you like?  She answered with the usual.  No one.

So I decided to ask it a different way.  A 2011 way.  I asked Hannah if she liked T or Mo.  She raised an eyebrow.  She squinted at me and chuckled.  I followed up with, "I wouldn't assume that you were straight, if you decided to like Mo, or any other girl, I would want to know that too."  

Hannah laughed again and said, "No mom, I don't like Mo."

Am I crazy?  My kid watches Glee.  We have friends, two women who live together, seem to do a lot together, then broke up (two women who Hannah just recently realized were lesbians).  She is aware of the difference between straight and gay.

"Whoever you like, boy or girl, I'm just interested in your life.  I'm interested in you."  

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