Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Road Trip Part Two

My sister texted me last night while we were out at our monthly beer dinner, which I am currently regretting  (no, I don't actually drink the beer, but I eat the yummy food and Smoked Salmon pizza sounded good and tasted good last night, but doesn't seem like such a good idea this morning).  

It seems that the foursome traveled approximately 6 hours and only had to stop 5 times.  Twice for Mom, once for the dog, once for a dirty windshield and once for God knows what else.  She went on to inform me that when they checked into the hotel there was only one room purchased.  She added that it was a good thing she'd brought her ear plugs and a book, because my parents are both super snorers.

Looks like Laura is bunking with the dog!  Say a prayer for her.

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