Monday, February 14, 2011

My Scary Valentine

Yesterday we went to my nieces baptism and brunch at my in-laws afterward.  We had a great time, but missed our 'church of the broken pew' service since we were at their church and did their thing.

After all the other guests had left we were sitting around talking with my sister and brother-in law when the subject of stuff came up.  They have been storing David's moms things for years, and slowly over the last few years, we (my sister-in-law and I) go thru a box or twelve and sort things to throw, things to store or things to keep for ourselves as we have the time.  During the last snow day my sister-in-law had a big cleaning bug and went through tons of stuff and managed to get their storage room completely cleaned except for the remaining 5 boxes of my mother-in-law's things.  They decided that we were going to make MORE progress and make decisions regarding these last five boxes.

Yesterday David and I brought home 3 of the boxes and a list of the articles in another of the boxes to do a bit of research and get the last few things sold or donated.  What was in the last three boxes?  Dolls.  Not your average American Girl or Barbie doll or anything else remotely desirable, but scary, lacy, Jonbenet Ramsey type creepy dolls.  There is a REASON we have procrastinated on these last few boxes, no one has the cajones, until now, to remove them from their boxes.  (BTW, if anyone knows how to get rid of dolls, let me know).

Fast forward to this morning when I was about to go downstairs to get Bubba on the bus and saw the Mt. Washmore of dirty laundry sitting on our closet floor.  I bent down to get the laundry, wishing my husband a Happy Valentine's Day.  David stopped me saying that he'd get the laundry for me because it was his Valentine's gift to me.  Knowing he was serious, I took it myself so he didn't get off so easy, the big romantic.

So I decided to pull all the dolls out of their boxes and spread them around his side of our bedroom as  his "present" for Valentine's Day tonight.    

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