Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Man and A Bike

I turned my phone on this morning and immediately received three consecutive texts rom my sister.  I'll only share one of them...

Text #3: Dad is back.  In one piece.

Laura called a few hours later.  She was out taking my Mom's dog for a "walk" (read: dragging Satan's Spawn around unwillingly) and was lost in my parents neighborhood.  The three of them made it safely to Arizona yesterday.   Laura was calling to download about the morning events.

This morning Dad decided to get a haircut, and knowing my sister would rightly give him the stink eye if he drove the van, he decided to ride a bike.  You should know that on top of PD, my father has erratic blood pressure and balance is not his strong suit.  Not only does he jump on the bike, but he decides to showboat and ride one handed and drink coffee at the same time.  

Upon his return from the barber, he no longer had the coffee mug.

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