Saturday, February 19, 2011

No progress yet on my project.  Two days down of a four day weekend, and I have done nothing but run errands, exercise, clean, watch t.v. and go see a movie.  As soon as I plan a project, life gets in the way, but I am hoping to remedy that tomorrow and Monday. 

Thursday Hannah was home with a fever and cough, and David has been sick too.  I hope the plague is gone soon, before Bubba and I come down with anything.  

Today we all got some fresh air and went for walk with our good friend and her dog, pictured above.  After lunch we went to see the movie I Am Number 4.   This is the first movie we have seen in the theatre in many months, almost a year.  I can't think of the last time the four of us went, it is just getting too expensive.  We actually chose between a few adult movies, which was weird too.  Our kids are getting so old!

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