Friday, February 11, 2011

Food For Thought

I would like to submit an idea to the Maytag company.  Why can't you build a washing machine that has a garbage disposal type attachment?  Why, pray tell, would anyone want or need that type of attachment to their washing machine?  Well...EVERY TIME I go to transfer the wash to the dryer, there is food in my washing machine.  Seriously.  Broccoli.  Blueberry skins.  Apple skins. The occasional baby carrot.

Between the 6-8 environmentally friendly zip-loc baggies we use everyday for lunches, the pouches and accouterments of two flying squirrels, and the two under aged minors living in my house, there is ALWAYS food in the washer when I go to remove the clothes.  Yes, you may call me lazy, and you'd be correct, but I am not a pocket checker.  In my opinion it is very generous of me to shove said clothes in the washer, shove them in the dryer and sort it into appropriate laundry room baskets.  It is the wearers job to empty all pockets, right socks, and remove underwear from inside pants and such.  It is the wearers job to fold and place in an appropriate holding device until wearing.  It is the wearers job to haul the laundry up or down the stairs.  If they want to shove their clean clothes in a wad and cram them into dressers so they look like a bum when they get dressed, that's not my problem.

I know.  I'm a domestic goddess.

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