Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pool Advice

Hannah went with some friends to their "membership only" pool yesterday and as she was getting ready she asked if I would rub some sunscreen on her back, since we all know she will burn like a lobster if sunscreen wasn't applied (I told you about her trip to King's Island a few weeks ago?  Were she burned her chest and left the mark of the necklace she was wearing on her neck?)

Anywho...Hannah is running out of the house in a bikini top and Daisy Duke-ish black swim shorts, rushing to meet her friends when David see's her and her two triangles and a strip of cloth swim top and FA-reaks out.  He was going all "You don't have enough clothes on"..."Where is the rest of your top"...on her.  She, in typical teenage fashion, rolls her eyes ignoring him and bends down to give him a kiss telling him goodbye.

I, too, receive a kiss and ask her to text us later.

As she walks out the door, David yells after her..."MAKE SURE YOU KEEP YOUR BOOBS IN YOUR TOP!"

Excellent advice, my friend.  Excellent advice.

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NanaGo said...

DAAAAADDD!!!! Yes I heard that all the way over here in Oregon. Oh, she will never forget that advice, she may not heed it but she won't for get it. LOL