Sunday, May 1, 2011

My American President

One of my favorite movies ever is American President.  I LOVE Michael Douglas's president, and I am a sucker for Michael J. Fox.  There is a classic scene in the movie, one of many, that comes at the end when Michael Douglas interrupts a press conference and finally stands up for himself.  He answers all the false allegations and declares the opponent a dolt.

When I read the news article on MSNBC today about Obama and his monologue/bit at the White House Correspondence Dinner I thought "yeah baby, Obama's SO American President."  Obama RIPPED Donald Trump up and spit him out.  BRAVO Obama.  Bravo.


Jennifer said...

Thanks for sharing that -- I had seen the first bit but it just kept getting better. I agree with you, he was awesome. :)

Jennifer said...

And now to learn that while he was handing Trump his ass on a platter, he was also waiting for the military to report that they had neutralized bin Laden? Awesome. Truly.