Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cry Like A Baby

So I am sitting here watching my weekly does of Glee when all the sudden it goes to an ad and I start BAWLING like a baby over a commercial.  B A W L I N G.  Not my hormonal, girley, Hallmark commercial tear up, but an all out bawl.

The commercial?  An organizational called ItGetsBetter.org

Have you seen the commercial?  It is YouTube-like videos, notes, posts, that gay adults have posted on the above site.  The videos are so sweet.  Encouraging.  Lovely.  Showing teens (and adults) that sometimes people don't understand your life and how you feel, but soon LIFE WILL GET BETTER.    

Do you need to be gay to visit the site?  I would think not.  I applaud this site that tells people that although the stranger in the video does not know you, they love you and care about you.

Who on this planet couldn't use a little support and encouragement?  Who would have thought that technology could be used for good?

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