Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Thank You Notes

I am NOT a late night person.  Our family's routine is that the t.v., internet and phones go off around 9 most nights, then we get ready for bed and talk, do sudoku, read until we are asleep.

Let's face it.  We are the Boringtons.  But as you can tell from previous posts, we are snarkey.  So when I heard about Jimmy Fallon's new book "Thank You Notes" based on his late night segment...I was instantly smitten.  I saw this new book being plugged the other morning and about died laughing.

So...I think I should start my own segment of Thank You Notes.  Let me have a go...

Dear Blue Pickup Driver,

Thank you so much for trying to run me off the road with your scary empty trailer multiple times the other night.  The 10 hour driving trip I took last Sunday was made so much more pleasant by the fact that you were on the road with me during those "just twilight" hours when I was trying allow my eyes to adjust to the darkening skies.  

I really appreciated how you sped up to pass me then slowed down to cut me off, it really helped me stay alert and pass the hours. Over and over again.  Your dilapidated trailer was so interesting, and made me smile as it's flickering rear tail lights winked at me as they threatened to smack into my bumper. Repeatedly.  It was almost as if you didn't realize someone had attached this 15 foot extension of death to your truck.

Thanks, too, for driving down the middle of two lanes.  I appreciate how you left me a lane to weave in and out of.  I am so impressed by the driving and drivers in the great state of Kentucky, and had so many things to say about your skills.  Even my 74 year old mother had so many things to say about you.

I hope the next time I have to drive to and from my brother's house you will make another appearance!

Hugs and sloppy kisses,


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NanaGo said...

I just got back from my trip to Kentucky yesterday.. .and I saw that truck driver too!