Monday, May 16, 2011

Peanut Gallery

My husband and I are freaks.  We have been sitting (too lazy to get out) in the car to watch Bubba's soccer games lately.  Even when it's sunny and nice!  One of the reasons why we sit in the car is because my husband's mouth cannot be trusted.

To entertain ourselves we make fun of people.  I know it's wrong, oh well.

We make up names for kids on the opposing teams.  It all started last year when this boy with long reddish hair was trying to keep up with the big dogs on the field, making us feel sorry for him.  We started calling him "Cinnamon."  Go cinnamon!  Go cinnamon, go, go cinnamon!  

There has also been "nut sack" named by David because he took one in the nuts during a run in with another player.  "Look, nut sack just scored!  Way to go Nutsack! Way to rebound Nutsack!"

"Transitions" is the kids with the self darkening glasses that was trying to score on the Bubb-ster.  Did I tell you that Bubba has been playing goalie for half a game these days?

These pet names (even when the kid has his name written on the back of his jersey) are the brain child of David, because he always purposefully screws up names just to make us crazy.

Last weekend (during our 3 consecutive games) we had the windows down and were sitting in the car when my darling husband decides to start talking about one of the kids on OUR team.  I give him the "DO NOT TALK" crazy eyes and whisper through gritted teeth that the kid's Mom is sitting in the car next to us with her windows down.  David catches on and  rebounds by finishing his talk about this kid with a "he's doing such a great job and is making progress" mumbo-jumbo.  This woman HAD to know that he was full of crap after listening to our snarkey name calling.


smckissy said...

Hey you gotta find entertainment somewhere, at least it is free and it really isn't hurting anybody if it is just you and him hearing it lol :)

J said...

I just randomly happened on your page and clicked the hyperlink to this post and could not stop laughing! I was completely amused through it!!