Friday, May 20, 2011

Shopping with My Girl

Last night Hannah and I went out shopping because her game was cancelled, due to rain.  My 5'5" string bean with a size 10 shoe needed a few things.

We walked into TJ Maxx and started looking around.  Hannah saw a shirt she liked and in true Hannah fashion stripped her hoodie off and tried the shirt on over her cami in the middle of the aisle.  I'm rolling my eyes at modesty going on in the middle of the aisle.  

A few minutes later I see a dress I really like, and channeling my daughter, say "cover me" and proceed to try the dress on OVER my t-shirt and track pants in the middle of the dress aisle.  Hannah jumps in to help me with the zipper and a girl Hannah's age comes around the corner and sees the two of us struggling with the zipper.  The girl freezes and surveys the scene in the middle of the aisle and turns on her heel and leaves.

Hannah bursts out laughing and I hurriedly try to get the dress off without ripping it.

Yes, we're the two freaks trying stuff on over our clothes in the store.

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