Tuesday, May 24, 2011

More Thank You's

Gosh, this "Thank You" note thing is really easy!  So many people...so little time...

Dear Platinum Blonde Jeep Driver,

Today as I was wondering how to get my father and his cane in and out of the restaurant at the Mall I so much appreciated how you skipped out to your Jeep in your stiletto's and jeggings and took your handicapped placard off your visor.  It was so helpful to see that you thought since you had all those shopping bags to carry, that you needed that rock star parking space for you and your big hair.  I just love how the blue in the handicapped placard picked up the blue in your eyes and sparkly rings.

I did question your need for the handicapped spot, but then when you drove out of the lot ahead of me I finally understood why you needed said spot, you are retarded.  Or visually impaired.  One of the two...since after I loaded my father and mother back into my car, you tried to run me off the road (do you check your mirrors?) as you decided to make a left turn from the right hand lane.

Hugs and sloppy kisses,



Elle said...

Hahah I LOVE this post!

NanaGo said...

ARRRGH! both my parents are blind so I use those parking spots when they are with me. I am never squimish to walk straight up to those kind of people and giving them a piece of my mind. Did you know you can take a picture with your phone and report them! AND THREATEN THEM when you see them do that. They can not do anything to you so don't let them bully you, they are in the wrong. Read up on your state's regulations on those parking spots. Your own parents could qualify for the permit. OK, time for me to get off my soapbox.