Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Getting Back In the Swing

Winter is upon us.

The 'hood is looking pretty and snow covered.
No longer will our neighbors judge us for our weeds and
brown lawn, everyone is equal in winter!
Yeah, snow!
(That is the only time you'll hear me say that phrase.)

Chloe the wonder dog has a new trick!
Or should I say she has A trick.
She L*O*V*E*S to be off leash on her afternoon walk around the neighborhood.
As soon as she hears Bubba's bus coming she takes off running and
tries to beat it home.
I can't tell if she likes the chase of it or if she's so dumb (and has the memory
of a gnat) she forgets how mean Bubba is to her.

I really like this coaster pattern I found online.
I started this project awhile back.
I started machine sewing the coasters
so I could have a reason to sit on the couch and hand stitch the binding
whilst watching t.v.

Here is the start of my coaster gift set.
I bought a little pack of this Christmas fabric at JoAnn and
made a little placemat/runner and
now I'm making some coasters and such, as a stocking stuffer for miene Mutti.
(The colors match her living room.)

And finally...I wanted to wrap up a wine bottle for a friend
and made a wine bottle coozey. Isn't that what you call those foam things
that keep your beer cool?
Anyway, I made a few, since they were a cinch,
to match some of the gifts
I'm giving.

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