Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Day In the Life

David: Let's go for a family walk. Everyone, go get your coats on. Let's take the dog for a pee.

...5 minutes pass...adults have coats on waiting at the back door, children are missing.

David: Let's go! Mom and I are waiting at the back door!

Hannah appears, adding the finishing touches to her ensemble.

Bubba appears coat-less, glove-less, shoe-less.

Me: What are you doing? Come on Bubba.

Bubba: (running into the laundry room) I need to grab something I'll be right there! (door closes)

Me, Hannah and David: We're leaving. Come on! What are you doing?

Bubba: (through the door) I'll be right there.

Me: (opening the door) What are you grabbing, aaaaahhh! (Closing the door promptly) Why don't you have pants on?

Bubba: (through the door) I'm coming. Just a minute. I need some underwear.

Me: (thinking back through the previous events of the day) Have you been commando all day?

Hannah: Eww. Gross.

Bubba: No.

Me and David: Then why are you changing your underwear?

....door opens and Bubba walks out picking up his coat...

Bubba: Because I sneeze-peed. My pants were wet.

Me and David:

Hannah: Okay then, we all ready?

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