Friday, December 10, 2010

DSLR Gift Guide

I know I just did this whole tutorial on homemade
camera bags and all,
but I have bag envy. I want this camera bag...
This little camera bag holds a full sized DSLR
and extras. It's name?
4 million Dollar home.
I know, sounds weird, but the Crumpler bags
have great names. The 4 million dollar home is the size I want.
They offer a 5 million, 6 million, 7 million dollar homes as well as the
Brazillion dollar home.
The Brazillion dollar home holds a laptop and all this other
camera equipment! Yikes!

As expected, the increase in dollar size indicates an increase in bag size.
The Brazillion Dollar home is $200+

Another want?
A Gorilla DSLR tripod.
These things are awesome. Perfect for taking next years
Christmas picture.

Speaking of next years Christmas picture,
you'll need a remote for your tripod.
You don't want to bump your camera while running around the
side of the room to fall into place.

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