Sunday, December 5, 2010

All Time Favorite

I have been a fan of Archie McPhee's
for 15, maybe more like 20, years.
Back when I was in college I would take
my young nephews to their store on
Stone Way in Seattle and give them each a dollar or two.
We would walk away from the store with
fake body parts, plastic bugs, metal lunch pails with groovy designs
and other nonsensical fun.

Archie McPhee was the inventor of such
action figures as Jesus, The Lunch Lady, and The Librarian...

Archie McPhee invented such classics as the emergency bow tie,
chest hair wig, world's largest underpants, and any mustache or
false teeth combo you may ever need.

Archie McPhee also was the first place I knew that carried
fun crafting items to recycle.
I would sort through bins and bins of plastic parts and other
recycled industrial pieces.

When you are walking through a mod store and you see an
awesome kitchy item, look at the manufacturer,
if it says "Accoutrements" it is from Archie McPhee's.

Back to my search for the perfect foodie gifts for my nephews.
Bacon belt?
(BTW-Archies carries all things
bacon...mints, air fresheners, floss...)
Inflatable meatloaf?

Bacon placemats.

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

I love the Librarian -- with Shushing action! LOL All the bacon stuff really cracks us up ... bacon bandages, bacon air fresheners ... we are so glad you introduced us to Archie McPhee's.