Saturday, December 11, 2010

Gone today, Snow Tomorrow

We went out for the day because we are supposed to get
snow tomorrow. And Monday. And who knows
when we will be able to leave the house again.

So we headed out toward Cincy.
On the way I willed the car to stop at the outlet mall.

It seems that the insurance man told us that they would replace the coat
(North Face liner to my big coat)
I was wearing the night of our car accident, as well as
David's new pants. They were destroyed.
Decisions, decisions.
Shopping with someone else's dime was harder than it seems,
but I walked away with this awesome new coat...
I was very impressed with the Columbia outlet. I toured both
Columbia and North Face stores and while jackets in the North Face store
were $200, I bought my Columbia Omni Shield Stain resistant
armor coat for $25.00 and LOVE it. I've worn it all night.

So off to IKEA for some meatballs.

And nine hours later I still have the meatball revenge.
I HEART meatballs, but sometimes they don't love me back.

But I digress.
Guess what? I did not buy a THING. Not one thing.
I was very disappointed in IKEA's as is department today.
Usually I can get some good cheap fabric, plates, bedding.
Nothing today.

More shopping back home and I walked away with
4 pieces of clothing from the GAP for Bubba for $40.
They had some crazy buy one get the next for 60% off sale,
and I had another coupon that they honored.
3 pairs of pants, and a Christmas shirt.

Bubba only wants to wear fleece lined track pants currently,
and I found these rocking fleece lined elastic waist
pant that feels like he's wearing track pants, and we are both happy.

A productive day.

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