Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ten Pound Pill Gets A Haircut

This is Chloe.
She is furry beast.
Chloe is ten pounds sopping wet.
She is one of nine reasons* we had to hire a house sitter
during the 10 days we visited family in Seattle.
Currently Chloe is on my sh!t list.

No, this is not punishment for being on my list.
This is me saving $50 bucks on grooming.

This is Chloe's version of Hell.
Yes, I have to hold her down to cut the hair on her face so she can see.

Why is she on my list?
Upon arriving home to my wonderfully clean,
sheets and towels washed and folded,
fridge cleaned,
counters cleaned home,
I find that Chloe has peed on my carpets.
How do I know her actions are malicious?
15 times.
This cute little fur ball of joy peed FIFTEEN times on my carpets.
5 in the dining room.
3 in the back bedroom.
3 in Bubba's room.
4 in my closet.

Chloe never pees inside.
She slept in my bed with the house sitters,
she napped in laps,
she had Christmas treats,
she was rarely left alone.
She knew our house sitters.

How did the house sitters miss it?
Chloe peed in non traffic areas. She hid to pee in unused rooms.
Our other 8 pets? did no damage to the house.

*Nine reasons to hire a house sitter:
French Fry
When anyone of these pets dies, we are NOT replacing it.
Today Bubba asked if he could get rid of all his pets
(the condiments) and buy a monkey.
I laughed and walked out of the room, question unanswered.

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Sabrina said...

Oh my gosh--you're hilarious!