Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It's Been A While

Sorry it has been so long.
We've been getting cultured.

Yesterday we went to see the Picasso Exhibit.

Weird story, we were walking around the exhibit and I
saw this woman across the room.
After admiring her scarf I glanced at her face
and thought, I know her.
We had just visited my brother in Knoxville and I remember seeing
this woman on his fridge, but I couldn't remember her name.
I text my brother.

After stalking this woman for a few rooms I get up the nerve
to approach and ask.
I ask her if she knows "my brother's name."
She looks at me in surprise and answers yes.
I explain that I was just visiting my brother in Knoxville and now
I am visiting my sister in WA,
she is shocked I recognize her from my brother's fridge.

It seems that when my brother and his wife
were pregnant with their first child,
they met this woman and her husband in birthing class.
Their kids were born a week apart 21 years ago.
My brother had not been in contact with this family in a few years,
but he had an old picture Christmas card on his fridge.
Strange and wacky world.
Or should I say I have a strange and wacky memory?

The rest of the day was fun hanging with the family.

Love this place!

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