Tuesday, November 2, 2010


My daughter went as Lady Gaga for Halloween. Blame it on Glee. Blame it on the fact that a 13 year old needs to wear something reasonably cool. She constructed a Gaga worthy costume on her own. Her inspiration? This crazy wig I was encouraging her to make...

In my daily blog stalking I found this awesome wig courtesy of Martha Stewart and her peeps. H and I were talking and I mentioned how cool the wig looked very Lady Gaga-ish.

Her inspiration was the wig, but the project took off in another direction and H created a Lady Gaga-ish Duct tape ensemble. Duct tape dress, shoes and purse, but regrettably no duct tape wig along the same ilk as the paper wig. I applaud her for her creativity, but I really wanted to make the wig! Next year.

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