Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Easy Pouch Tutorial

My beautiful girl turned 13 last week.
For her upcoming birthday party I wanted to give each of the
6 girls in attendance a little 'goodie bag' without
breaking the bank.

Zippers? They cost too much. And frankly I hate them.
Interfacing? Too time consuming.

My solution?
A small vinyl lined pouch-sans zipper-that is easy and quick to make!

To start you need to:
Cut one piece of cute fabric 10" x 12"
Cut a second piece of cute fabric 2" x 3" (or use ribbon 3" long)
Cut one piece of coordinating vinyl 10" x 12"
Vinyl provides a stiffness to the bag and makes it easy to clean.
Cut one piece of elastic cording 3"
One button
Scotch tape
Coordinating thread

To begin, take the 2" x 3" piece of cute fabric and fo
ld in the top
to make the strap.

Fold the bottom of the long side up...

Fold again in half to hide the raw edges and sew as shown below.
This pice is the pull or strap on the side of the bag and is easily
replaced with ribbon if you would prefer.
Set aside.

Fold the corded elastic in half and
tape to the middle of the 12" side of the cute fabric.
The long side (12") of the fabric will be the top of the bag.
If you are working with a pattern make sure you
think about where your button will be placed.
I placed mine at the center point of the bag.
If your pattern has a direction, make the button side the 'good side'
and the elastic side the upside down pattern side.

With right sides together
(sandwiching the elastic)...

sew the 12" length of both sides.

When both long sides are sewn, flip the bag
right side out and top stitch on both 12" sides to finish.
I made sure to reinforce the elastic by sewing
forward and reverse over the elastic a few times.

Your fabric should look like this:

Fold in half with vinyl lining showing.

Using your handy ruler measure 1.5" in from the side (top as shown above) and place a dot.
Measure 1.5" in from the bottom (short side when folded) and make a mark.

Place your ruler between the two dots and cut as shown below.

Your bag should look like this...

Sew ONE angled edge making sure to reinforce the top well
as the bag will be opened and closed at that seam.

To sew the second angled edge, sandwich the ribbon or pre-made strap from the first step
between the outer cute fabric layers of the bag...making sure the strap loop is toward the inside of the bag. The raw edges will stick out of the sandwich and can be trimmed later.

Returning to the ruler and cutting mat, fold the bag in
half and measure one inch form the end as shown...

Trim off one inch from each side.
Your bag should look like this...

Sew. Reinforce.

Trim threads and turn right side out and voila...

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