Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sewing Cork

A few days ago I made a cork trivet
from some cork tiles I had lying around.

I mentioned I may be making my
nephew some of my re-usable zip loc baggies, but then my
freezer paper stencil didn't work out as planned.
The green of the evergreen state didn't 'pop' as expected.

I was looking through my favorite blogs and found some cork
coasters on How About Orange.
This got me thinking...sewing on cork?

I tried it. It worked. It was EASY.
I went around the stenciled state again, and again!

Then, I went around my cork trivet a few times.
The messier and uneven the stitches were, the better!
A little trimming and voila!

So I tried it with writing and drawing.
I used a chalk pencil to write my word and draw my picture...

I'm thinking of trying a more detailed design next.
The cork size can't get too large, since it
needs to fit within my sewing machine arm.

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