Sunday, November 14, 2010

No Sew Camera Bag Tutorial

While I wait for my fabric gel medium project, from yesterday,
to dry I'll show you my new camera bag.

I went to Target and bought a roomy handbag (for $24.99!) in a
color that would match both brown and black shoes/etc.

In my stash of stuff I found a block of foam from a cushion I
dismantled a while back.
From that block I cut a basic width and length
to accommodate the main compartment of my Target bag.
To cut the foam I used a bread knife, cutting board and sharp scissors.

This was a trial and error process that took awhile.
I took the foam in and out of the camera bag a million times
to make sure of the fit.
I did not want the zipper to be strained.
I did not want the camera to come into contact with anything on the
inside that may scratch it!
I needed the camera to be able to go into and out of the bag easily
and quickly!

I traced around my camera with a sharpie and cut out the shape of my camera
careful not to go all the way through the foam
so there was padding on the base as well.
In order to cut the shape (sorry my picture didn't turn out) I placed
a piece of tape on my knife blade to show the depth
I needed to cut, cut around the shape, then ripped the camera shaped piece out.

After safely placing my camera in the house I took a can of spray-ment
and a piece of light weight fabric from my stash.

First, spray the top and camera space of the foam, then with your hands
wrap and push the fabric into the camera space and around the top
of the foam, then weight it down with cans to insure contact.

I took the cans out and sprayed the remaining area of the foam and
wrapped the fabric around and tucked it.
The insert fits in the bag so the base doesn't
need to be all sewn and neat.

This Target bag has plenty of room for a wallet,
cell phone pockets, etc when the camera is tucked safely away in the
zippered compartment.
Just what I needed!

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Jennifer said...

I LOVE this! It looks fab. You are awesome!