Wednesday, November 17, 2010

State Trivet Tutorial

I bought a package of cork tiles for the wall above Bubba's desk
a few months ago, and they fell of the wall.
They've been sitting in the closet since.

Today I was thinking of Christmas ideas.
Tonight I googled "Washington State Clip Art," downloaded a clip art,
imported it into Word, resized it as big as I could, printed, outlined with a sharpie,
took an exacto knife and cut a trivet out of cork. Too easy.

I *may* cut a heart out of the spot where my parents live.

I'm thinking of putting it in my Mom's Christmas stocking.
Or...maybe as part of Food Christmas 2010.

This year for Christmas my family (all 16 of us/3 generations)
drew names and are buying/making food gifts for our recipient not to exceed $35.
We drew 3 of my nephews (18-23) and my
brother in law.

Some of my ideas so far?
Thai cooking classes.
Bee keeping supplies.
Green kitchen items like my re-useable zip-loc baggies.

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