Monday, November 22, 2010

Teacher Gifts for Christmas

It is not even Thanksgiving, I know,
but I am working on figuring out my Christmas list/gift making.
I've been trying to prioritize, thinking what gifts I need before the end of school,
and what events are coming up fast.

3 days of dollar secret Santa gifts for my work-mate.
I need the $20 gift for my big secret Santa gift,
but I am not stressed since I have a few ideas.
Gifts for 11 teachers.

I saw this AWESOME idea at Design Mom today.
Go to the tutorial and see how Design Mom
turned Goodwill purchased white mugs
into these super cool mugs.

In my own stash,
since I didn't make it to the Goodwill or Michael's today for the mug supplies,
I had card stock, tulle, scissors and pinking shears.
I cut a stocking shape out of a scrap piece of paper.
I used that template to cut stocking shapes out of card stock.
I cut a large square of tulle for each stocking.

I sewed the tulle to the card stock using the edge
of the stocking as a guide not pulling the tulle tight,
but letting the tulle gape and bunch to allow room for candies.
I left the top inch untouched so I could fold it down
over the top of the tulle later.

Using the pinking shears, I trimmed the excess tulle and threads
from around the stocking.

After filling the tulle with candy I folded the top inch down
and sewed the sides of the fold down.

I may put a gift card in the "stocking" behind the candies,
depending on the recipient.

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