Friday, November 12, 2010

Speaking of Advent Calendars...

The first question you ask yourself when making or buying
an advent calendar is what do I fill it with?
When I first saw the below calendars I began racking my brain to figure out
how my family could use these flat envelope style calendars.
One Etsy seller used hers to remember to pray for a cause each day.

This calendar was made for a special activity to do together each day.
Bake cookies. Make window art. Watch a Christmas movie.
This cute advent calendar made by Andrea at A Peek Inside the Fishbowl
is a great way to count down to something special.
Andrea includes a list of great ideas for each envelope too!

I add, that you could tweak it to use premade envelopes,
use up your collection of envelopes without their cards,
or even use a themed paper to create envelopes like Andrea did.

Or go a step further and use this idea to count down for a special birthday
or upcoming vacation.

Here is a more modern version of the advent calendar.
I love how Jacinda at Prudent Baby used office supplies to create hers.

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